What Is the Scratchable Travel Map?

That is the decorative poster, covered with the top foil layer, which can be peeled off in order to mark the states and countries visited.

The Premium Scratch off Travel Map from Mapia

While working at this product, we paid much attention to the accuracy of cartographic details. It displays all the significant landmarks. That is a real atlas, which can be used by kids to get acquainted with the world in an involving and entertaining way. They will love such geography lessons!

We use the top-quality materials, which ensure that the map is not accidentally scratched or damaged.

At the same time, peeling off the top layer is easy enough. Even small kids can cope with that.

The Custom Scratch Map Reflecting Your Personal Traveling Explorations

While working with this poster, you will create the personalized atlas, revealing the countries, which you have seen with your own eyes only. It will graphically demonstrate your achievements as a traveler and the destinations that are still waiting for you. You will create your own map, which will get changed and enlarged after each trip of yours.

The Colorful Scratch Map With Unique Design

Unique design of our maps
Scratch map features

The Travel Map Wall Decor to Make the Design of Your Home Personalized

Get the Small Map of the USA as a Bonus

Scratch map features

Take Advantage of the Scratch off World Map Poster Special Offer

In addition to the bonus USA travel poster, you will receive a large set of tools and accessories, which will make the use of the set even more enjoyable.

Set of maps and accessories

The kit includes:

Mapia Posters Are A Nice Gift

In case you are looking for a present for the person, who is fond of traveling, this set is what you need.

Here is why:

- It looks beautiful. When it comes to buying presents, an aesthetic aspect plays a major role. You may be sure that these posters designed with the use of golden and black colors will appeal to any person.

- It comprises a complete set of tools needed for keeping record of journeys. The use of it will make the process of journey planning much more exciting.

- It includes a good-looking tube, which can be used as a gift container. It is original. You are searching for a gift, which will surprise your dear person, aren't you?

- It is meant to be used for a long time. Besides, it can serve as a piece of wall decor.

- It will remind about happy and exciting moments related to journeys.

As you can see, that’s a win-win option. It will bring joy to any traveler.

Where to Buy It?

It is available at Amazon.com or you can buy our map right from this website. The delivery is available all across the territory of the USA.

The Dimensions and Characteristics:

The size:

- an earth map (H x W) ― 22 inches x 32 inches;

- a US map (H x W) ― 17 inches x 24 inches;

- a package tube (H x W) ― 23 inches x 3 inches.

The material of maps ― 300 gsm plastic.

The material of top removable layers ― gold foil.

How to scratch the map

How to Scratch off the Map ― the Best Way

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The Reviews

We’ve ordered this kit for our 10-year-old son. He asked us to buy such a poster, and now he has two. They look really good, so, we are going to put them on the wall in the living room. We have already marked a couple of countries. It is really easy, even a child can cope with that.


I’ve ordered the kit for my friend's birthday. Hope, she will like it. It looks nice. It comes in a tube. The world map is really large, and the US map is smaller. There are also all sort of accessories for scratching and even a special bag.


My package arrived yesterday. There were two laminated maps, pins, a scratching pen, an eraser, a marker, a cloth and a pretty bag for storing. There was a tube as well. The posters are really beautiful. They are black and gold. And the countries themselves are painted in different colors. Worth its price.