About the Premium Scratchable World Map Kit with a Bonus US Poster ― the Product We Are Proud of

Are you looking for the gift for a traveller friend, who spends most of his time crisscrossing the globe and discovering new countries and regions? Do you want this present to be personalised and to show that you share his interests? Then a set of scratch-off maps from Mapia is exactly what you need.

What Do We Offer?

To create our exclusive map kit, we have formed the team of experienced designers, who are well versed in both cartography and travelling. They have made every effort to work out the product that will come in handy to both future and experienced travellers and will make their life a bit easier and brighter. They have carefully thought over every component of the set to make sure you will enjoy using it to the full.

It comprises everything you may need to keep track of your trips and plan new adventures:

  • a huge laminated detailed scratchable world map;
  • a bonus poster featuring all the American states and their flags;
  • a package tube that can serve as a gift box;
  • a nice bag with scratching accessories and tools including a marker, a scratch-off pen for removing the top layer, a scratcher that can be safely used by kids, a set of flag pins and a cloth.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mapia Deluxe Scratchable Posters

Here are the key features of our product:

  1. The beautiful Once you unroll any of our scratch-off maps, you will love the combination of the gold foil and the black background. And after you start removing the top layer, you will see the array of vibrant colors. It will be really hard to restrain yourself from uncovering all the countries at one time.
  2. The stylish decor. No doubt, our colorful maps will perfectly fit in with any interior, regardless of its style. You can complement them with frames and hang on the wall to fill the home with the atmosphere of travelling.
  3. The exactness of geographical details. These posters are not just a decoration. They are real geographical maps displaying the capitals and major landmarks of each region.
  4. The effective teaching tool. Mapia scratchable map kit is the perfect gift for a kid, who is fond of geography or needs some help with it. Discovering the world and the native country in such a way will be an inspiring and fun experience.
  5. The highest quality. We guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with the purchase, otherwise we will refund your money. We have scrupulously checked and tested every detail: from the quality of the coating and paints to the convenience and safety of tools, so, you can be absolutely sure that such a gift will leave positive impressions only.

Mapia scratch world map kit with accessories and a bonus US poster is the best travelling poster offer you can find in the market. Buy it and see that for yourself!