Frequently Asked Questions

How should I scratch off the top foil layer from the map?

All the tools you may need to work with our posters are included in the kit. When you want to uncover some country, find it on the map and use either an eraser or a scratch-off pen to remove the foil. In case you want to make some notes about your trips, do that with the help of a marker from a kit.

Can I use a coin to remove the top layer?

We recommend our customers to use the accessories from the kit only. Any other hard and sharp tools, like coins or keys, can damage the foil or paint and spoil the poster.

What for do I need a cloth?

Use it to wipe the poster to remove foil particles after scratching.

What if I have scratched off the foil from a country by accident?

That is the good reason to visit it! Unfortunately, there is no way to put the foil back on the map.

What kind of a frame should I use to put the map on the wall?

You can use any kind you like. Still, make sure you do not apply heat to the poster, since that can damage the materials and the foil.

Can I order a personalized kit for my friend?

Yes, we offer personalized accessories and tubes. To learn more, contact our support team via email.

What if I cannot find the place visited on the map?

Our posters are designed as a decoration. Still, when working at them, we have made every effort to include as may geographical details as possible. Unfortunately, there may be some omissions due to technical aspects. The production of our maps is a complicated process with the use of foil, so, there may be some problems with displaying small objects. Sure, we keep on developing and improving our products and regularly revise their design. So, we offer a bonus detailed US map featuring states, major cities, as well as state flags. In case you have any suggestions regarding our products, you are welcome to contact us via email. Use this address ―

Can I buy your map kit if I live in the country that is not included in your shipping list?

There is still a chance that you will have the opportunity to buy our products. Contact our support team, and they will find out whether there are any shops distributing our products within your reach. We constantly work to expand our sales geography.

Can I sell your products at my store?

Sure. Send an email to We will get in touch with you within the shortest reasonable time.

Can I send you the photo of my poster?

That would be great! We would also love to see your travel photos and to read the stories about your trips. Please, contact us via email or visit our Instagram page and share your exciting experiences.